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Pro360VR runs a 360 video course at Escape Studios, London

360 filming course

Escape Studios is a dedicated training facility in London specialising in courses in Visual Effects, Game Art, Animation, Motion Graphics and as from today, 360° Video capture and post production! Having been bursting to get going with this course, it's finally arrived as I was thrilled to be asked to plan & teach this in depth course into 360 video production. We've titled the course "From Shoot To Headset". Over the next 5 days I'll be guiding all 13 students through the fundamentals of 360° Video production. We'll start by heading over to London's Central School of Speech and Drama who have kindly offered to let us use one of their large studios and a handful of their drama students to film. We'll use a selection of different rigs to illustrate the benefits and pitfalls different rigs offer. Then we'll go on to cover file management before we get stuck into the black art of stitching. Once the students have a basic understanding of Kolor's APV & Giga we'll go through to rendering techniques before venturing into post using the Adobe suite and Mettle's Skybox Studio including Nadir patching & removal. Mid week will find the students going out with my rigs on their own with freedom to film what they like using the techniques they've learnt. We'll then spend the remainder of the week putting together the rushes they've filmed before rendering out a final graded and finished film.

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