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Extreme Sailing Series

Extreme Sailing Series 360 video

Pro360VR has been in Wales filming a 360° video for the Cardiff leg of the 'Extreme Sailing Series'. The brief was to deliver the project in 48 hours ready for the public to view on several Samsung Gear VR's at the main event on the Saturday, just 48 hours after filming!! I decided to shoot from 2 angles rigging the cameras at the bow & stern of the Team Portugal boat. With a high risk of splash it was necessary to use waterproof or at least splash proof 360 camera rigs. A 360Heros 360H6 with 6 standard Gopro's was used for the bow shot. The idea was to create a feeling of floating over the water surface and grabbing the viewers attention from the start. The new Samsung Gear 360 was used for the stern. In fact the Samsung was set up on the boom over the stern to give a wide perspective of the crew. Due to the quick turnaround the Samsung Gear 360 was used as the main camera to vastly reduce stitching time. This is the first time using the Samsung Gear 360 on a commercial project for Pro360vr and for such a job, it performed well with satisfactory results.

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