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3PVX2 PRO - 3rd Person Sail Video Rig (Latest Model)

Freedom360 Mount for 360 video production

The New 3rd Person View 3pvX2 PRO. It has been developed for the serious filmmaker; Documentary DSLR or 360Video Producers who need the maximum stability and versatility to set up their body-worn camera shot.

This setup has the newly developed backplate, that is a lot wider, and wraps more around the body of the person wearing it. It also has 2 non Flexible belts (that go over the elastic velcro belt). In combination with the stabiliser straps you will have a body-worn camera mount that will support camera's up to 2 Kilo and will also work with DSLR and  360Video camera's.

Hire Rates:

£35 per day or £105 per 7 days

Our rates are for guidance only. If you would like to hire equipment for a duration that is not shown, we can customise the quote to suit your needs. 


ONE SIZE FITS ALL: the mounts fits slim athletes as well as later actors andburly skiers wearing thick jackets thanks to the overlapping velcro straps on the waist belt.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE: shoot over your shoulder, from the side or from in front of you by rotating the camera pole (eight positions) and angling it closer to or further away from your body.

WATER- AND SNOW-PROOF: high grade materials and construction mean you can use your 3rdPersonView camera mount in cold, wet conditions - even in salt water - without compromising performance.

MOUNT MULTIPLE CAMERAS: Designed to work with most (360Video) cameras on the market If your 360 cam has a quarter-inch female screw connection, you can mount it using our Mini Ball Head. And if you've got a GoPro, you'll need to use a 'GoPro tripod mount'. 

DSLR CAMERA'S: when shooting with DSLR camera's we advise to get our (optional) Large Ball Head Adaptor. This adaptor has 1/4" and 3/8" tread and can be used to connect any ball head on the market (we advise the Manfrotto 492 and 494).

360 VIDEO: when shooting 360Video with 6 GoPro rigs (Freedom360, Hero 360, GoPro Omni) we advise to get our (optional) Straight Camera Pole For 360 video, as this will allow you to hide the pole in the stitch due to camera overlap. This pole also has a 3/8" tread at one end that will connect directly to the camera rig.

EASY SETUP: you can put on the mount in under a minute, and the Mini Ball Head makes setting up the shot the work of a moment. When working with the stabiliser straps it can be useful to have an assistant when mounting the camera on your back.

COMPACT: when you're not using your 3rdPersonView camera mount, it is easy to take apart and store it in your backpack.

Call to discuss hire availability on +44 (0) 7867 555427 or email by using the contact us form

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